ManageWP <-> Cloudflare <-> O2switch

I have 15 websites managed with ManageWP, all of them proxied by Cloudflare. Recently, three websites got disconnected from ManageWP. All three are hosted by O2switch, whereas the other ones are with Siteground.

ManageWP tells me that these 3 websites trigger a 307 redirect message (which I cannot spot myself as I have no access to their logs). As their system cannot handle 307 redirects, the connection fails every time.

Connection to ManageWP works fine when I bypass Cloudflare proxy (grey cloud). It also works fine when I do not use Cloudflare at all.

I have already whitelisted all ManageWP IPs on Cloudflare.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue?

Thanks in advance for your kind support.

307 is typically a redirect to HTTPS because of HSTS. Were those sites using HTTPS before you added them to Cloudflare?

I am not 100% sure as I migrated two of them from OVH to O2switch recently. There might have been a short delay before HTTPS was reactivated on the new host, while some settings at Cloudflare (like HSTS) remained unchanged.

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