ManageWP Backup Issue with Cloudflare

We are experiencing backup unable to complete when cloudflare is enabled. This issue starts happening in our websites since last week.

We have whitelisted ManageWP IP already but didn’t fixed the issue.

Anyone have experience this and know how to fix?

May I ask, does the request show any error like “504 timeout”?
Was the request/script running longer than 100 seconds?
Or any other error shown maybe in a Firewall events, if being blocked?

May I ask have you added the IP address(es) to a IP Access Rules, if so, did you selected “Allow” or “Bypass”?, otherwise maybe you added it into a Firewall Rule with the action “Bypass”?

May I ask, does the request show any error:
Hi fritexvz, error logs in managewp shows “405 method not allowed when performing a backup”

May I ask have you added the IP address(es) to a IP Access Rules
Access Rule set to Allow and have not added rule to bypass.

May I ask is this response comming from web server or?

HTTP 405 indicates a malfunction in the webserver. If you ask whoever operates the webserver to investigate, then they should be able to help.

May I suggest looking into the articles from below?:

doesn’t fix the issue. this is happening in few of our website just week ago where everything is previously working fine for years.

Hm, have you tried, what if you could temporarly create or use a hostname for a backup, which is not being proxied via Cloudflare (:grey: cloud)?

Or could the Cloudflare Firewall Rule(s) still have something in commin with this in between, somehow?

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