Managed WordPress wp-admin login error: Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page


1.) We have been running Cloudflare succesfully in a DV environment with WordPress.
2.) We recently migrated to Managed WordPress hosting.
3.) Now I cannot login via wp-admin.
4.) If I temporarily disable Cloudfare then I can login via wp-admin.
5.) I have the following page rule implemented, but still no luck. I keep getting the Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page error.
6.) We are not using the Cloudflare WordPress plugin and would prefer not to.
7.) There is nothing special in our .htaccess file.

Appreciate the help!

This makes me think they’ve restricted admin login to specific IP addresses, and they aren’t restoring Visitor IP address from the Cloudflare headers.

You’d have to find out of they’ve restricted by IP address, and if they’re restoring visitor IP addresses.

I switched from Flexible SSL to Full (Strict) SSL and that seems to work for logging into WordPress. Do you know why that change made the difference? Thanks.

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