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Hello. I am having issues with a managed word press site and a redirection problem. Basically I am hearing from others that they are unable to connect to my site do to a redirection loop. When I go to the website i am able to connect to it without a problem. Once is a while i get the redirection error but usually upon refreshing or retrying from a private window i have success. The problem seems to occur less for me than it does for others. The site is a managed wordpress site hosted with go daddy. I have recently changed the nameservers over to Cloudflare which is roughly when the problem began. It appears to be some sort of conflict with my ssl/tls protocols, however i could be mistaken. The part i find to be most baffling is sometimes the site works fine and other times there is this redirect loop. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.

Check your encryption mode on Cloudflare and make sure it is set to Full Strict.

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when i switch from flexible the error changes from too many redirects to error 502 (bad gateway)

You best pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen, bottom right), make sure that your site loads fine on HTTPS, and only unpause Cloudflare once your server is fixed.

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It seems the only way to connect to the site is by having Cloudflare turned on and by having the my ssl switched to flexible. I am 90% sure the problem is stemming from Cloudflare not from my origin. Unless there is some sort of possible redirection conflict upon reaching the origin after passing thru Cloudflare.

Well, no, Cloudflare is not the issue. You have a completely broken and insecure site here unfortunately, hence the suggestion to pause Cloudflare and fix your site.

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So does that mean that when i connect, the padlock and the words HTTPS:// beside the url dont mean anyhting???

Of course not, because your site is not properly configured and there is no encryption.

Pause Cloudflare and fix the issue on your server. Once you fixed it and your site loads fine on HTTPS, you can unpause Cloudflare.

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