Managed wordpress on godaddy needs A record

So I want to move my blog which is a subdomain to the managed wordpress on godaddy. Well to do this godaddy is saying I need to use a A record on the subdomain. Well if i try to add that it says i already have a cname with that name. But i dont, i asked godaddy if i can use a cname like all my other subdomains and they said no it has to be a A record.
So can I add a 2nd A record i guess is what i am thinking i am doing?

I’ve not seen DNS goof up on blocking conflicting records like this.

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records and tell us the subdomain name? It’s ok to black out all the IP addresses, but I’d like to see if there’s some other type of record that might be interfering.

Ok here is a screen shot, I blocked out the content name. But I want to use blog under a A record. Now I tried to delete the one I have on there now as a cname but it still would not let me add a A record.

‘blog’ is the second entry. If you delete that, you can add an “A” record for ‘blog’.

As it’s giving you some difficulty, I’d delete that CNAME, then force-reload the page and see if it’s really gone.

Well that didnt work, here is a screen shot. Now I noticed at the top it says WhataPen points to an ip address which is the same ip i am trying to put in as a A record. Now I can be reading that wrong. But my domain is through godaddy but on cloudflare because of my ecomm store and other websites, has to be on cloudflare for that. Not sure if that makes a difference.

@ is not ‘blog’. @ is shorthand for your domain name, and that CNAME already exists (

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