Managed webp

Hi everybody,
How do you manage webp image? Is it possible choose to cache that and not jpg/png inside cache?

Which best practice?

Regards from Enrico.

If you have a Pro plan or higher, it’s recommended to store JPG/PNG files in your server and let Cloudflare handle the WebP conversion for you by enabling the WebP option under Polish setting.

If you still want to store WebP format images directly on your web server and store it, then you should enable Vary for Images so that Cloudflare will be able to serve the correct images to the supported browsers:

Personally I will choose the Polish WebP option as it’s less hassle to me.


thanks for reply.

I already convert all img into webp oviusvly leave the jpg/png for not supported browser.
so it automatically cache new img format? i purge everything

regards from enrico.

Developer of webp module ask me : ask to Cloudflare support how can it be configured to accept the mime-type sent from your server because it seems that some x-cache-status: BYPASS is set to the product images where the mime-type is forwarded from Nginx and working:

Regards from Enrico.

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