Managed rules error? Can't bypass anything with firewall rules

I wanted to allow a tool bot to crawl my website, but it does not matter what firewall rule or IP rule I create. It still gets blocked by the “Managed rules (new)”.

The thing is that I don’t have a Pro account, so I can’t watch into the “managed rules”.


I wanted this user agent to bypass, or allow it to make the crawl.

User agent:

Does someone know how to make this happen?


Every time that I open a “Block” there appears an error of that ruleset at the bottom:


I’m really sorry to say, but we’re in the same bucket :frowning:

And I can confirm I’ve experienced it while testing and troubleshooting on a Free and Pro plan.

Same error, same thing, different ruleset. No way to bypass / add exception.

Other people are also reporting this and experiencing the same issue on a Free plan and topics which can be found using :search: .

Furthermore, as on a Free plan, currently we cannot “Add an exception” for that or some other particular “Managed Rule” because there is no button for it, yet, as it exists for a Pro plan which contains it.

There was some rumors that we should switch (not sure how!) to the new WAF on a zone with a Free plan, however I couldn’t manage to do the “migration” from the old WAF to the new WAF on a zone with a Free plan yet as described at the link from below. Seems like the mission impossible as it doesn’t work at all.

There are a lot of topics, and currently no answer on this one yet :confused:

I’ll update my post once I’ve got some feedback information, I hope.

You could try to add the IP to the WAF → Tools → IP Access Rules with the action “allow”, maybe that would help, but that’s really not the permanent solution on those kind of cases.

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