Managed Challenges include Interactive Challenges?

Does Cloudflare dynamically show “Interactive Challenges” when a “Managed Challenge” is selected? This page does not mention the capatcha any longer
cloudflare website path: /firewall/cf-firewall-rules/cloudflare-challenges/

However over a year ago the description for a managed challenge was different as such:
Managed Challenge

Depending on the characteristics of a request, Cloudflare will dynamically choose the appropriate type of challenge from one of the following rotating actions:

  * Show a non-interactive challenge page (similar to the current JS Challenge).
  * Present an invisible proof of work challenge to the browser.
  * Show a custom interactive challenge (such as click a button).
  *** Show a CAPTCHA challenge.**

Hi @nathan33,

As you already have read, CAPTCHA is no longer issued as a challenge mode.

These are currently part of the managed challenge rotations.
This is evaluated by Cloudflare and one option is presented to the visitor (challenger?)

I would also encourage upgrading to the New WAF to make use of the Ruleset Engine:

I hope this answers your question.

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