Managed challenge presented even when Cloudflare is turned off for a site

The site is wayfm com. Additionally, there are two separate Wordpress sites set up on subdomains pray wayfm com and listen wayfm com. This happens on all of them.
Prior to me working on these and moving DNS to cloudflare, I believe this domain was on Cloudflare in the past.
On my laptop, I get Verify You are a human challenge pretty much every time, even when I set security to Virtually Off, or pause Cloudflare for the domain altogether. I cleared site cache, I tried Private tab and a different browser.
I have gone over DNS records and verified that nameservers have propagated. Not sure where else to look or how to troubleshoot this.

Just one more bit of information. I’m pretty sure this domain was on Cloudflare in the past at some point, but not under current account.

By “on cloudflare”, you mean proxied?

I can see the website appears to be unproxied, however, the IPs is returns now: 300 IN A 300 IN A
Are still Cloudflare, because WP Engine uses Cloudflare (specifically they brought their own IPs to Cloudflare). It looks like the challenge is coming from them then, not sure if you have some security settings in your WP Engine panel that you can change.

I get challenged on my home ISP, but not on a VPN, so it’s not all traffic it looks like.

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Only enterprise customers can disable the security level enforcement fully. Setting it to essentially off will still serve a challenge to visitors that an ip with poor reputation.

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