Managed Challenge issue

  1. Are you the owner of the site?
  2. Does the dashboard show any meaningful information?
    no and this problem occurs on all domains on my account check here:
  3. Does the website work if you remove the firewall rule?
    yes it work
  4. Did you create a ticket with CF? If not, can you make one and post the # here?
  5. Does your website work without CF enabled?

I escalated the ticket, hopefully you will hear back from CF soon.

In the meantime, can you try changing the action from Managed Challenge to JS Challenge?

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JS Challenge & Legacy CAPTCHA

showing the same page


Same issue, i am having. even i am not able to bypass the challenge, the challenge is showing infinite times. Tried on different browsers with VPN on and off.

I tried to change to javascript challenge. but still the new challenge page is showing infinite times. No way to bypass. Meanwhile Legacy Captcha works fine.

support replay on ticket #2515364:

"Thank you for contacting Cloudflare Support, I’ve brought your inquiry to the attention of the Community team. Customer Support is currently experiencing an extremely high demand for free services and email support is prioritized for paying customers.

As a Free customer, you can still get great support for general questions and basic troubleshooting in our Community. And, you have full access to our detailed troubleshooting guides in the Help Center and our Developer Center documentation."


I’m sure the bug is after the update, I hope they check the problem. at the moment I disabled WAF protection for my site to make it work.

make use of Legacy Captcha, it works and I could bypass it sometimes.

it show the same page (infinite loop)

even “Under Attack mode” keep reloading the page…

This issue has been escalated urgently to Support.


Same issue here, after solving captcha the site is not displayed. Tried different challenges but the only thing that works is turning off the waf rule.

Thanks for reporting this. If anyone else has this issue please let us know here and ideally include the domain/URL we can reproduce this on.

Here is an example

www searchenginelinks co uk / contact.html

Disabled Zaraz and issue not recurring.

I was just testing this and thought it might be related.

Very strange… hopefully there’s a resolution soon, thanks for helping!

And I wonder if this deserves a post-mortem blog article, would love to read and understand how this works.

I can reproduce this with Zaraz enabled, disabling that for now should stop this issue for you.

Google Analytics depends on Zaraz.

This has been escalated and is being looked at, we are just providing workarounds where possible until this is addressed. Currently you can either disable Zaraz or disable the challenge for now.

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