Managed deployment for Chromebooks + Certificates, not sure if working


Hello everyone, so I am setting up Cloudflare for Teams for a startup. They where already using mostly SaaS applicatins and some of them already allowed SSO, so Cloudflare Access is pretty cool. In order to enhance the sucurity of everyone internet connections and properly monitor network requests etc, we decided to go with managed Chromebooks and Cloudflare for Teams.

What I did

  • Chromebooks have been added to the Google Admin Console and are managed from there
  • The Cloudflare for Teams Certificate has been deplyed (Devices>Network>Certificates)
  • Activate the User Policy to allow Android Apps to use Local CA (Certificate Authorities), otherwise the app connection (SSL) will fail.
  • Rechecked that the certifiacte lives on the machines, Lock icon in the browser now displays and organisation icon.
    -Log in to Cloudflare for Teams in and activate WARP.

What Im not sure of

  • After all those steps, specially after enebaling the certificate from Android to Local, I was able to have internet connectivity while WARP is on and without any SSL errors.

HOWEVER, when I navigate into the connection appears to be using DoH and not WARP, althouth this one is connected. Any idea why this happens? Is my connection secure?

Below is the debug link:

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