Manage Nameserver Records with Cloudflare while using different registrar

I have my domain registered with an Austrian company and set the NS records on their dashboard to

david. ns. cloudflare. com
hera. ns. cloudflare. com

I want to be able to use the cloudflare dashboard and I need my nameserver records to point to

b. zeit-world. co. uk
d. zeit-world. org
e. zeit-world. net
f. zeit-world. com

Like this:

Will this work? Can I use the Austrian company’s dashboard to point to cloudflare nameservers and have cloudflare in turn point to different nameservers? (Note: disregard the weird spacing, new users can only put 2 links in a topic)

This would only work If you want to delegate sub zones away. The records for this zones would be handled by b. d. e. and f. and will not use any Cloudflare features.

So basically I’d need to have a subzone like “” and it won’t work for the apex domain?

It’s not entirely clear what you want to do. Setting your nameservers at your registrar to the cloudflare nameservers means the whole world will ask Cloudflare for the DNS records.

What do you expect to happen by setting the NS records in cloudflare to be those of another provider?

Secondary DNS is the only thing I can think of, or perhaps a CNAME setup.

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