Manage domains says "Code 10000", Invalid token

Well, that’s it - I can’t manage my domain under dashboard, since it’s throws Code 10000 in my general direction…

I’m having the same issue

I used to be able to purchase domains, but now when I go to Domain Registration > Manage Domains, I get:
Invalid or missing access token (Code 10000).

We’re not using access tokens to manage our account, and none are set up. I’m just trying to buy a domain through the web dashboard.

I’ve tried logging in from a different browser as well, but I get the same results there too.

Also Having the same issue

Sorry for the issues with this @Golden @jsevy @lukasz.jokiel @cesposito I have flagged this for the attention of my colleagues, can you let us know if you are still encountering this issue?

Hi yes i still have the issue

Yup, created the topic 21 minutes ago and… lemmme check.
Nope, still cannot access my domain.

How about one token just for me, I was here first! :wink:

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I’m still having an issue cleared cache, tried incognito, and a different browser.

I’ll confirm that as of a few moments ago, it’s still an issue.

I can also confirm this is happening to new users. I just made my account 2 hours ago and I thought it was something I did until I found this post.

I can’t view my Manage Domains page at all due to this error. I’ve deleted cookies and cache and relogged after reading that suggestion elsewhere but the problem remains.

We are having the same issue as well. We have dozens of domains already transferred and cannot view or make changes. I wanted to initiate a few transfers when I found the issue. We were looking to move all our domains over from eNom to Cloudflare but now it makes me nervous that we can’t get any type of support, ticket or otherwise, unless we have a business account.

Same here, I can not see my registered domains, or any other action in “Register”. I am an old user. Same error:
Invalid or missing access token (Code: 10000)

Same here.

Is this some kind of TGIF party? :wink:

Still having the issue

I’m getting this error when clicking on “Manage Domains”

“Invalid or missing access token. (Code: 10000)”

This has knocked out the ability to view existing domains & I’m unable to register new domains.

Can anybody advise me one this please?

Many thanks…

I’m also screwed

Thank you for the confirmation and sorry for the trouble with this. The team is investigating at the moment

We’ll continue to post updates here and at

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