Manage Domain - 404 Error

I’ve been having a ton of issues with Cloudflare’s registrar. So much so, that I’m working on transferring my domains out.

I’m sent an automatic email stating that I can go to the Overview screen of the domain in question and force the transfer. However, when I try to access this page, I am given a 404 page (this is through Cloudflare’s website).

To make matters even more frustrating, Cloudflare is not accepting support tickets via email because of my Free plan. I understand they want/need me to upgrade for different areas of support, but this is an issue that has been going on for the last few days and I haven’t heard from anyone.

Does anyone have a workaround or any insight??

I think I might know what you’re seeing, but can you please confirm:

Are you on the list of domains that you’ve registered in Cloudflare, and clicking “Manage” beside one of them, and then seeing the 404?

If so, I believe this is because you might need to go through the “Add a Site” process first.

I’ve had this issue before, and it’s super confusing at first because it’s a bad UI design.

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OMG - this was it.

How incredibly dumb. THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to respond.


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