Manage DNS through CloudFlare instead of partner

I already have one domain that I manage through Cloudflare. Then I set up a second domain through DNSimple and selected Cloudflare 1-click service. I didn’t realize that I would have to manage the DNS through DNSimple instead of Cloudflare. I would prefer to manage through Cloudflare. Is there a way to switch this?

You’d have to check with DNSimple to see if there’s a way to switch it off. The hop back over here and add the domain to your current Cloudflare account.

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They said I need to change the name servers to be CF name servers. I can’t see which CF name servers have been assigned for this domain. I already have one other domain I manage through CF, can I use the same name servers?

I don’t think a domain using a Cloudflare Partner has Cloudflare name servers assigned to it. I believe the Partner handles all this on their own so you’d have to use their name servers. It’s highly unlikely it would be the same name servers as the domain you set up on your own Cloudflare plan.

DNSimple doesn’t have a way to stop using Cloudflare on your domain?

OK, I deleted CF from DNSimple. I still can’t see anything on the CF DNS page, but maybe that has to propagate. I’ll check back in an hour.

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Oh, it’s entirely gone from CF now. I’ll re-add it.

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