Manage Account --> Invite Member Issue

I am using a free account, which I assume might be the issue here. I receive the following error message when trying to invite a user with “Purge Edge Cache” as their only permission. Can anyone confirm?

Are you still encountering this @jeff99? I cannot replicate this in your account nor in my free account, but, let us know and we can dig deeper.

Yes, I can confirm it is still happening as of today (cf-ray

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Thank you. I’ll need to get a second set of eyes on this to assist. On my existing free account, I can add a member with the cache purge role, on a new free account, I do not even see the permission as an option.

We’ll investigate and come back with more details. Sorry for the issues.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to what you find!

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We can move this to a ticket to continue or we’ll kick off a private message to share your email? So we can check a few things with that email being invited as well.

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Hi @jeff99 I just sent a private message to you & @eportillo to collect some more details. We can continue the conversation there.


So the issue is that this user did not have domain level access(formerly DSR) enabled on their account. So if you see this error 1001 when inviting users it would be something that we at Cloudflare would need to look into for that email and potentially change for the user in question. To get the invite to work as your account already had this enabled. I am glad to see it resolved your issue. Take care.


Thank you

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