Hi there.

Some people are receiving malware.opendns.com/url=mywebsite when fetching data from website using curl in android.

I tired multiple domains and host but still same issue for some people.

any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

This will be related to OpenDNS and your domain will be flagged with them.

malware.opendns.com - Brave Search

Nothing Cloudflare can do here, you need to make sure your domain does not run unauthorised software and then clarify this with OpenDNS.

Thank you for your reply.

I thought it’s because my website is behind Cloudflare.
also I would like to inform you that I just bought the domains 1 day ago.

here is the message customers do receive.

do you think buying a new domain will solve the issue ?
also is there a website to check if a domain is flagged or not ?

this is very annoying and destroys our reputation.

Thanks again.

No, this is not Cloudflare related. This has something to do with OpenDNS, however in your case there is some JavaScript code which refers to that URL. It’s not quite clear who sends that, but it’s not Cloudflare.

You may want to pause Cloudflare and debug your site and check for any such hostnames, but I am afraid this is not a Cloudflare related issue.

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