Malware Attacks

Hie l want to know how could cloudflare help protect me from Malware attacks or prevent ,as l have received several of them on websites on my server

I use WordPress on most of my sites which are on my sites

Paid Plans can enable Cloudflare WAF, which has a WordPress ruleset. I also use Wordfence, which is specifically made to protect against malware attacks against WordPress.

Okay thank you

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i used wordpress with wordfence, a few optimisation plugins and cloudflare free. This gives me a Gtmetrix score of A and load times of less than a second while not spending any money other than for a shared host and a domain.

Where i work we use wordpress for all customer websites, and i’ve seen quite a few of them end up hacked or with malware so just using wordpress wont protect you from malware and wordpress is one of the biggest targets for hacks and malware because of its popularity and so called industry standard by annoying experts like those that work for a company that works for google so you can see how big of an edge using wordpress gives. All these websites ended up that way before i worked for that company and implemented a set of standards on what every site should have, after that, not one site got hacked again.

Defence first starts on your server, configure what you can on your host, bolster its .htaccess, do security scans, then secure the website, then add cloudflare. Cloudflare doesnt block every attack, but it is pretty handy to have it deal with what it can before it hits your site which reduces load significantly to handle DDoS and brute force attacks that usually eat up resources while at the same time speeding up your website signfiicantly.

if your site ends up with malware, it can end up blacklisted on many places like google safe search, email lists and more that can end up making all your emails end up in spam or never reaching the recipient. And if you’re using a shared host, this can end up with the host being blacklisted too.

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