Malware and Adult blocked my IP, how whitelist?

Hi, we have buyed a vps with new IP and this IP seemed to be adult content before.
Can we whitelist that Ip in Cloudflare? Or is there any Fomular that, Cloudflare checks external IP and Domain again, and decided if its still 18+? Because it isnt. We want to whitelist.

Thank you.

Cloudflare’s DNS does not block based on IP addresses, only based on domain names.

Can you post a screenshot of the actual issue?


Its a Video Hoster Platform for Business needs. No Chance theres any material 18+. If its the Domain, that would make no sense.
Any Formular which can be filled with Request to whitelist that Domain? I double checked, the IP behind domain is rootet to per Cloudflare DNS.

You said IP address, now it’s a domain. So what is it?

There’s a form for a domain at


You told me its not possible to block IP or that CF blocking is domain based.
So i wrote about Domain. All i can say is that the Domain’s IP recently changed and now we found out, that on we can’t reach the Site.

For me its not important wether its the domain or the IP. It has same target = our beautiful business.

Yeah, Cloudflare does not block IP addresses, so if you have an IP address, Cloudflare won’t be involved.

As I wrote.

No need for Screenshot. I asked how to whitelist IP/Domain…
I inserted the domain in that form and it was marked as “Pornography”.
Thats not true. I made some suggestions and we’ll see.

Thank you for your fast help.

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