Malicious use of cloudflare and cloudflare unaware of it :)

Hello guys.

I will tell you a situation that I discovered today.

I came across a link like this. The domain is under cloudflare proxy protection and is wrapped in a txt sheath to deceive cloudflare.

With this, there is header protection and you cannot log in directly. To enter the link use:

The txt contains the following information.

these are fragmented links of a live stream. As you know, cloudflare does not accept content other than html css jpg and the like. When done this way, cloudflare cannot detect non-html content.
Afterwards, live streams can be broadcast over m3u8 mp4 ts and similar cloudflare proxies.

If you show such a method, you can proxy all live broadcasts or mp4 streams such as movies with the cloudflare system. I doubt Cloudflare is aware of this. I guess doing live videos and mp4 presentation won’t be banned by cloudflare when done this way.

am i wrong?

You can report the abuse to Cloudflare at

Article on reporting abuse

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