Malicious site hosted at Cloudflare

Yesterday we discovered that a malicious site has copied our site, I assume at an attempt in search hijacking. This other site is hosted at Cloudflare. Does Cloudflare have any help when this happens?

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Cloudflare is not a web host and has no control over the content that is displayed on a website. If you feel that a site is engaging in illegal or inappropriate activities, you can submit an abuse report, at Cloudflare Abuse Form | Cloudflare. The Trust and Safety team will then review the details and reply if appropriate. You can also report the site to your relevant local authorities. Complaints cannot be filed via this forum.


That’s kind of what I assumed, but I thought I’d check anyway. Thanks.

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Just curious they copying your posts, or they cloned the entire site? Images theme and all?

Hit bing and google up after Cloudflare. They are usually pretty fast, especially if it’s full articles and a clone even quicker. In my experience, look up complaints, then you got DMCA too.

The issue I had recently is people using my blog posts heads and the first snippet lines with 0 backlinks but hit a page full of ads, I am lucky I outran every one of them, but I know others where these lowlives outrank the source/site. These are a nightmare to sort out, and you can’t do anything.

All the best bud

They cloned the whole site and just changed some words here and there in the body copy. It’s maddening. I submitted a “copyright removal” in Google Webmaster Tools. Is there anywhere else in the Google ecosystem I need to go?

I tried to add some anti-webscraping rules to our htaccess file but it didn’t seem to work.

Sadly it’s a constant battle. The next thing is to try and make it harder for scrapers, but it depends on your site.