Malicious Request

My Domain name: (Dedicated domain IP : 96...*)
I found that even if the domain name is proxied, the malicious request can find out the dedicated domain IP to attack. And firewall IP access rule only worked for the domain name, not for the dedicated domain IP. So may I know how can I protect my dedicated domain IP prevent from attacking…

Hi @monsterakk007,

You may want to look into Argo Tunnel, or blocking any connections on your server that don’t come from a Cloudflare IP Address.

Hi, Argo Tunnel may cause a lot of money and blocking any connetions that don’t come from Cloudflare IP Address is not the solution for my site’s users.

I’m not entirely sure what you want to do then, unless you want to stop people from connecting if they are not coming through Cloudflare, then yes - people will be able to hit your server directly and you will need to deal with that there.

I am afraid direct requests are not Cloudflare related and hence beyond the scope of this forum. You best clarify this on administration related forums. As far as Cloudflare is concerned, @domjh already mentioned all available options.

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But the cloudflare proxy domain, but domain is equal to the dedicated ip, so is equal to the cloudflare proxy the dedicated ip. Then why the dedicated ip is not being proxied.

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