Malicious javascript construction


I was a Cloudflare user for years but sold my website about a year ago. Yesterday I created new one and added it to Cloudflare, but I’m very disappointed seeing violations of classic Javascript standarts at your services that prevent users logging into Cloudflare Dashboard

SyntaxError: expected expression, got ‘?’ api.js:1:52

function h(t,r){return t??r}

The ?? construction breaks both Firefox and Google Chrome browser compatibility and I see it only once in your code. As the result, I see login form with login and password fields, when I submit it tells me to fill CAPTCHA and try again, but there is NO CAPTCHA.

Dear Cloudflare developers, could you please remove ‘??’ from the code to make it work in all browsers, not only few latest versions?
Make Cloudflare Great Again :grinning:

Upd: This issue is strictly related to the captcha @ dash Cloudflare com login page. If there is no captcha required - there is no issue and login is success.

P.S. I like to use TAB key when filling forms. Is there any possibility to improve the usability changing the tab order of login (e-mail), password fields and “show password” hyperlink?

The correct order should be: login, password, submit button
The current order is: login, show password link, password field, submit button.

Hi @linkcs, appreciate the report, we’ll fix this issue.

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