Malicious files and weird links into cloudflare files

Hi everyone,

I runned a malware scan of my website with Quttera scanner and I got 6 warnings about 6 files. Those warnings do not appear when Cloudflare is disabled.
Especially, it shows two types of files as threat:

The Cloudflare’s browser checking page is being recognized as malware (Heur.HTML.SpamSEO.gen)

And this one:

Here there is a really weird link in an anchor tag

And this clearly seems the Cloudflare’s browser checking page but it’s being listed as malicious threat.

Is it possibile to have any clarification?

It’s likely just a honeypot link - you’d never see it if you’re not a bot that’s parsing the returned HTML.

Ok got it, so the results were just some false positives. Thank you very much for replying!

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