Malicious attack

Hello sir I am using the cloudflare firewall .in the cloudflare dashboard didn’t detect any malicious attack but in the jetpack plugin I had detected 121 Malicious attack I can’t understand what can I do please help me as soon as possible. And one error occurred in my website related to SSL certificate.
this is my website I have attached screenshot please check and give me a suggestion.

@Study2Job, CF doesn’t protect against all attacks since it doesn’t analyze the request body, unless you pay for CF PRO and enable the WAF.

As for the error:
Outbound HTTPS is an issue with your host, not Cloudflare. Outbound is your server making a HTTP request just like any browser does, so CF in front of your server doesn’t affect that.

Your server provider most likely hasn’t upgraded their openssl client libraries and PHP code to support at least TLS 1.2, which is quickly becoming the minimum TLS required to access websites.

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