ERROR 1014 CNAME Cross-User Banned

I have a domain i bought through a local web host. I have created a brand new cloudflare registry for the domain and added the cloudflare nameservers to my provider. however, i am getting ERROR 1014 CNAME Cross-User Banned - for longer than 24 hours. in my cloudflare dns management i have 2 cnames that point to the target which is live and running fine. However when accessing the domain, it still brings up the error above.

You cannot create CNAME records to a pages site manually. You need to add the domain via the pages interface.

this is what i get when trying to connect my github account: An unknown error occured. Contact your account team or Cloudflare support

I’m confused now - why would you try to connect your GitHub account when you already have a pages site?

i think that there was a cloudflare pages setup on 2 different accounts. i have now removed that so the pages site is down… however after starting from scratch i still cannot connect my github account. getting the error i sent earlier

hey! i managed to create the cloudflare pages and point it to my domain. i still get Error 1014

Ray ID: 810fd627bf950541 • 2023-10-04 19:29:56 UTC

CNAME Cross-User Banned, any clues on how to solve this?

Have you deleted your old records and created a custom domain from the pages menu?

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