Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) Cloudflare ping high packet loss

Anyone here facing same issue?

I am from Malaysia, ISP is Unifi. When I ping my website which is goes through the Cloudflare, I am experiencing high packet loss.

Please help. This is killing our websites.

Ping is a low-priority packet, so it gets dropped at the first sign of trouble. Which means yes, there may be some issue. Give this a try to see how other sites are performing:

Seems like it is abnormally high compared to other servers. What should I do to rectify this issue? Can you advise me?

Can you post a screenshot of that entire screen? I’d like to see how it compares to other sites.

I also see on that KUL traffic is rerouted, so that sort of explains why you’re route to Hong Kong. Though JHB would have been nicer. Maybe your ISP doesn’t peer in that direction. Or JHB is heavily loaded due to KUL and lower plan sites are sent elsewhere.

This is the much more full version of the screenshot, had to zoom out to snap it.

Yours is certainly worse than any of the others. You could open a ticket through email (support AT cloudflare DOT com) and have them take a look. Hopefully KUL will be back online soon and it will no longer be an issue.

UPDATE: Upon seeing what time it is in KUL right now, it could be this:

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