Making sure Gmail works after setting up SSL with Cloudflare

Hi folks, I’ve just set up an SSL certificate with Cloudflare as my website was getting tagged as not secure. I have an email address hosted with the same provider as my website and mail gets forwarded to my Gmail. As is my understanding, after Cloudflare successfully imported records over, I had to set up an MX record in the DNS section of my Cloudflare dashboard for mail but Gmail is telling me that it can’t connect (I didn’t make any changes to the Gmail settings).

The confusing part is that I am receiving emails into my Gmail inbox that were successfully forwarded from the domain name inbox, despite Gmail telling me that it is failing to connect.

Any thoughts?

You currently have a security issue.

Can you elaborate?

What’s your current encryption mode on Cloudflare?

The SSL is set to FULL

That’s what the article addresses. It should be Full Strict.

Just so I understand you, changing it to FULL STRICT will resolve the issue with Gmail?

Not necessarily, but it’s a necessary step towards a secure site. Once that is done, we can look at the other issues.

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