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Together with my developer, we wonder how to speed up our portal faster. Our portal is on dedicated server and it doesn’t work slowly but according to us, it should load faster, especially with regard to the image loading.
What steps do you recommend to take to speed it up?
I thought about ‘polish image’. What do you think?

Polish would be a nice step. But alone just placing CloudFlare infront of you application should take a lot of load away from your origin server. specially when network-bandwith is a problem.

I would recommend Pro-Plan of CloudFlare if you want CloudFlare to optimize your pictures.
BUt without seeing your page I can not inspect what the problem is and therefor not relly recommend how to solve it

Thank you for your quick reply. So i will try to go to the Pro-Plan.
Generally images and a few other parts of portal such as ‘edit profile’, ‘privacy settings’ and the images of users are loaded in pop up windows. Can it have an influence on the speed of loading? I noticed that for example ‘edit profile’ pop up loads too slow too.

Sorry but without knowing how exactly it works in the backend I can not tell much about it.
But loadingtime of images should be speeded up by much if you cach them with CloudFlare and on top if you optimize and convert them with Polish.

OK. One more question. Don’t you know if i can cancel the Pro-Plan anytime?

I have the PRO Plan myself since first Day now nearly half Year and i am Very Happy with the Performance and the Price Value that cloudflare Offer.
Plan even go to Bussiness Plan as soon People at Google give me my first Page TOP SEO rankings for my money keywords back i had from two years ago and think it looks good.

Yes you can cancel anytime the Pro Plan.
I have Monthly Subscription so you pay for 1 Month and if you dont like you can deactivate it !

The Pro Pan is worth every cent ! Can recommend it to anyone 100%

For maximal Speed Performance ARGO with PRO Plan is best however !

Argo brings your Origin Server closer to your Visitors by using Smart Routing.
This Hepls speed up Your Website for Visitors from the Opposite Side of the Globe and bring your Origin Hosting Server closer to them using smart routing.

OK, thank you for your reply. I will test the Pro plan.

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