Making multiple ports proxies and not proxied

So strange guy flagged my old post as spectrum. So Im making a new one.

I have a host where I host 2 things. Program A and program B

On program A for example is a port 80

And program B is a port that is not supported by Cloudflare ( DO NOT RECOMMENDED ME SPECTRUM)

Now here is my problem
I want to proxies the program A but not B sence it won’t work bc of cloudfare proxy and how it only supports some ports.

Here is for you to better understand

I want

Port A proxied (Orange cloud)
Port B NOT proxied ( Grey cloud)

Both have same ip what do I do?

You can make two DNS records. For program A would something like and it will be :orange: and for program B it would be and :grey: . They can both point to the same IP at the end.

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Hmmm but how do I specify the port for that? Perhaps I don’t want to use I want just the but with specified ports that need to be proxied

Hello! I have a Minecraft server where I have 2 ports 25565 and 80 for my website.
I am trying to make port 25565 bypass the proxy/cloud while the other one is going through the proxy/cloud. Thank you!

You cannot do that when you require both :orange: proxied and :grey: direct access. It is impossible to set one name to both. Separate hostnames are mandatory to achieve your desired outcome.

So I cant make a specific port proxied?

That is correct.

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