Making Changes to My YSlow Score

Hi there, I am trying to understand what changes I can make on Cloudflare to address these 4 areas in my YSLow Score.

The four areas below are the grades in the YSlow Category from GTmetrix.

If you have any suggestions, in terms of configurations here on Cloudflare, I would appreciate hearing from you.


David Cosier

|[Add Expires headers] F (23)|SERVER|HIGH|

|[Make fewer HTTP requests] F (28)|CONTENT|HIGH|

|[Use cookie-free domains] F (45)|COOKIE|LOW|

|[Reduce DNS lookups] D (60)|

Without seeing the actual report, I doubt Cloudflare can cure most of those ills.

DNS lookups mean you have many many external resources. Cloudflare can’t fix your site’s dependencies.

Cookie free? No. Cloudflare doesn’t manage cookies. In fact, it adds a lightweight cookie to the mix.

Expires headers. Probably mostly due to those external resources. You can set your site’s Expires headers without Cloudflare’s help

HTTP requests. No. Again, those are the many resources your site loads. Cloudflare can not reduce the elements you have included in your site.

But what Cloudflare CAN do is secure and optimize the resources from your own domain through caching and security features.

Thank you very much for your reply. This is the kind of response I am looking for, because it helps with direction.

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