Making CF the registrar - don't force to change the NS data to be of CF


Currently our registrar is Wix and we wish to move our domain so CF will be the registrar.

But… CF demands that first the current registrar, hence Wix, will have the name servers values of the domain – to be the ones that are supplied and controlled by CF.

But… Wix doesn’t allow to change the NS values of the domain when it is under its control, it has to be NS values of Wix…

So, this makes it hard to move a domain from Wix to CF being a registrar - it forces us, your customers, to first move the domain to another, 3rd party registrar (not CF), then change its NS values to be of CF and only then to do another move of registrar – to CF.

It will be good if you will NOT force us to first change the current NS values – in order to move the domain to you as a registrar. I don’t see the logic in this current enforcement, unless you wish, for some obscure reason, to tie the registrar to the CND/WAF.


And that’s exactly it. Cloudflare Registrar is for sites using Cloudflare. Maybe some day (don’t hold your breath), Cloudflare will loosen up restrictions, but Registrar is definitely still a work in process.

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Are you a CF employee?

Just like anyone in the community, he’s just a Cloudflare customer, but with MVP title, thanks to his efforts in helping various people in the community.

The only way to identify a Cloudflare staff is when someone has “Cloudflare Team” as their title.


Unfortunately, just like Wix won’t let you use Cloudflare as a proxy for their services, some settings for better (or for worse) are currently tightly coupled at Cloudflare. Are there workarounds? Use for $. Is that fair? As much as anything in life is… yes.

Even if Cloudflare allowed you to change your nameservers, AFAIK Wix wouldn’t allow you to proxy and use Cloudflare’s WAF your site through Cloudflare with their current policies and settings. [Wix support makes me look like an idiot below]

I am just a customer, but it looks like CF and Wix play with me, as a customer, between them, and I don’t like it.

All I wish to is to move my domain to use CF as registrar (and also as my cloud WAF and CDN, but that is not the point here) - I get it that CF wish to catch it all - to be registrar only if the customer is also using its cloud services.

I didn’t see such restriction mentioned at CF registrar product page - Cloudflare Registrar | New Domain Registration | Cloudflare. If CF wish to be honest - it should clearly note this up front.

I think it is an “all or nothing”, not mature, attitude. CF prevents a customer to move to it with this policy.
What is wrong with allowing to move the domain to use CF as registrar - without forcing the customer to first use CF as the source DNS? after all, technically - registrar and DNS does not have to be tightly combined from the same source.

Cloudflare’s registrar service is nascent. It has a number of limitations in comparison to older and more mature services but we continue to invest and evolve the service.

It’s possible to use all of Cloudflare’s other services without requiring us to be the registrar. It’s also possible to add your zone to Cloudflare without changing your nameservers using CNAME setup on our Business and Enterprise plans.

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I just hope CF will take this post into consideration to improve this ASAP. It will only help CF get more customers and faster, not making it harder for them to move to CF.


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