Making an Alias from alternate domain

Hello! I’ve got a domain (.com) bought on site A, hosted on site B and pointing DNS to Cloudflare (site C). Everything works fine for this, but I have an other domain (.ca) bought on site A, not hosted anywhere. I want the .ca to be an alias to .com so that when I type .ca/something it goes to .com/something. Do I need to point the NameServers to the same 2 ones I got from Cloudflare or do I need news ones and then make an alias. What is the method here? Thanks for reading.

You need new ones. On the second domain instead of A Record use a C NAME pointing to the first domain.
Depending on your hosting/web-server you need to set aliases on the back-end too.

Okay thanks. So I do need to buy another Cloudflare service?

You can add the second domain under current account of yours. A free account will do what you need.

Doesn’t it cost something to do that?

No. Cloudflare provides more than enough for free. You may later need more services and pay for it but for your current scenario, free membership does the job.

Alright thank you very much. Have a great day :slight_smile:

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