Making a URl redirect?

So I have started to use Cloud flare and I want to make a URL redirect that is then it changes to ( My discord). Please if you can, help


So you want a forward for any visitor to your subdomain so they’re redirected to the discord URL?

Page Rules:
Match:* and add a Setting for Forwarding URL (Code 301) to

That does not work, want to see a screen shot ?


Right now, your domain and subdomain aren’t resolving in DNS. Do you have DNS entries for them here?

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What is that ?

I don’t know what that is sorry

You need to do stuff here:

You don’t have a website set up for minersmc?

To get that redirect to work, add a DNS entry. JUST like this. Then click Add Record.

I have an Xenforo forums if that is what you mean ?

Maybe…but for now, just add that DNS entry to get Discord working.

The ? or my forums one ? The :orange: will redirect your discord subdomain once you add that DNS entry.

doesn’t seem to work ?!

Works for me. You may have to wait for DNS refresh.

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