Make payments for your unpaid invoices to proceed. Help me

Hello. I have a problem with my account. I can’t see the negative balance I have to pay. And I have this error: “Make payments for your unpaid invoices to proceed. Your account is locked due to the unpaid invoices. (Code: 1323)”

Can someone help me? I opened a support ticket but I did not receive any answer.

Thank you very much, with esteem!

What is your ticket number?

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Hello. My ticket number is: #3247096

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Thank you for sharing the ticket number with us. The billing team is currently looking at the ticket.


Hello. Yes, someone answered me but said he had advanced the support ticket. I did not receive any answer today and no solution. It is delayed and I would like to respond faster because I have sites that I want to add and I cannot add them. If I can help with something, I will do it with great love just to tell me. I need help please solve the problem faster. Thank you.

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Hey @wowhost

Unfortunately the Billing Team needs to help us resolve the trouble.
It cannot be actioned from your end.

Please allow us more time.
Thank you.