Make one subdomain use HTTP and another use HTTPS for the same site

I’d like to keep on HTTP without proxying requests (I’d like to be able to access it from very old systems) and make serve the same site with HTTPS. My website is hosted through GitHub Pages and only allows sites to be accessible through one CNAME. Is this possible? I’ve looked in the page rules for a while but I’m not very knowledgeable with this sort of thing.

Thanks for any help.

You keep “www” unproxied and “s” proxied. That’s it.

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When I add a CNAME record for “s” that points to the same place www does, GitHub Pages doesn’t serve the correct page - they only allow sites to be accessible through a single CNAME.

Then your Github configuration might be broken. Make sure it works fine and loads fine on HTTPS without being proxied and only once that works, turn the proxy on.

And that’s precisely the issue. It does not recognise your hostname. You need to clarify this with Github.

As written here:[email protected]/github/working-with-github-pages/troubleshooting-custom-domains-and-github-pages#cname-errors

The CNAME file can contain only one domain. To point multiple domains to your site, you must set up a redirect through your DNS provider.

Just one CNAME is allowed at GitHub Pages.
So no its not possible. But if you like your Website to support very old systems just configurate TLS v1.0 as minimum TLS version then even very old systems are allowed. But they would have to support SSL/TLS. Unencrypted access then is not possible anymore. But these days even very very old systems support TLSv1.0

I use a lot of systems that predate SSL/TLS :frowning_face: too bad I can’t have a secure option for users with modern systems.

Thanks for the help though!

If you can’t use SSL you obviously cannot have a “secure option”.

The issue here is not Cloudflare related but you need to clarify this with Github.

Well this restriction is not made by CloudFlare you can technically map ALL domains as a CNAME to the Domain GitHub Pages provides to you but you can just choose one of them (at GitHub) to be the accepted one.

Means you can go with:

HTTP for everyone
or with
HTTPS for everyone

If you like to have both please host your site on a VPS and set up there two domains which point to the same vhost which then one gets handeled by HTTPS and the other by HTTP.

That’s the issue. Nothing here is Cloudflare related, it is not even SSL related. The OP does not have a valid HTTP setup on his origin and that will never fly.

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