Make minecraft server accessible through Cloudflared

I have successfully routted ssh though cloudflared, however i want to have my personal minecraft server accessible via my domain as well. i dont have a static ip and cannot port forward through my dynamic ip, rmoving ddns as an option and i would have to pay for a static ip if i was to get one. hence cloudflared

i was wondering if its possible to forward traffic though cloudflared? does anyone know how i would aproach this?

If you’re routing SSH with Cloudflared, have you tried the same thing for Minecraft? I’ve not, so this is just a theory:

Add a TCP ingress rule on the server’s IP address that points to tcp:// (whatever that port is)

And then run cloudflared on your machine with something like this:
cloudflared access tcp --hostname --url localhost:9210

So now you can (hopefully) tell your Minecraft to connect to sever

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my only issue with this is my friends will all need to install cloudflared which isnt ideal since not all ofthem are technically inclined. is there a work around?

I don’t see a way for you to use cloudflared on the server if they don’t use cloudflared at their end.

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Hi, i did as you suggested for the minecraft server (i set up ssh a different way) however im getting

RR failed to connect to origin error="websocket: bad handshake" originURL=xx.xxxxxxxxx.xxxxx

after connecting.