Make dot com getting enable javascript error

Can someone advise I just switched to Cloudflare and now make dot com which provides a JSON output to a blog we run returns an error that javascript needs to be enabled? What setting in Cloudflare is causing this and what’s the resolution?

Sorry you have run into this issue.

This is most likely related to a challenge. It is most likely going to be related to Security Level, Bot Fight Mode, or a WAF rule generating a challenge.

You are going to be able to check the Security Events for the domain to see if that is the cause and what specifically is causing the challenge.

i twas bog fight mode, is there any way to setup a bypass and if so how or what’s the bypass?

You can either

Disable Bot Fight Mode


Create a Custom Firewall Rule which would be set to Skip Bot Fight Mode.

The first option is good as it prevents any bot blocks, but does mean there is no bot mitigation. The second is much more customizable, but does take a little configuration.