Majority of my Pages are Uncached

I just started using Cloudflare and according to my dashboard, the majority (over 80%) or my Requests are uncached. My site ( requires users to login. Does anyone know if the pages behind the Login (home) page are being cached?
If they are not, can it be set it so that they are?


Cookies and caching headers can prevent caching. Otherwise all standard files are cached, plus whatever you specified via a page rule. Check if your cacheable resources send cookies, respectively what their caching headers are. If you provide a demo login, one could have a more detailed look. Alternatively you can also provide a link to a resource which should be cached but isn’t.

Your public resources, at least, are cached


Thanks Sandro,
Here is a test login if you could be so kind as to check.

Picked a random file

and it also gets cached

Configuration-wise it wouldn’t seem as if your files (at least the cacheable ones) do not get cached. Keep in mind, if your visitors come via a lot of different datacentres, it will always have to be cached there first, so the first couple of requests will always go to the origin first.

I am not sure why that cache=0 parameter is there though.

hmmm. I see that.
It that cache=0 not normally there?

Not necessarily. That comes from your website and its meaning is not overly clear. Typically query string fields are used in this context to break the cache, but considering it is a static value here, it still will cache on Cloudflare. It might be an indicator that it shouldn’t take the cache on your own site.

As far as Cloudflare is concerned, your files do get cached. Maybe have a closer look at Cloudflare’s caching analytics to check which files it might be that do not get cached.

thanks again Sandro