Major Stream Player changes rolling out Aug 3, 2020

same here, this update completely broke all of our images placeholders we were loading on the player as background!!!

This is a devastating error for us as we have hundreds and hundreds of pages where your player is loaded !
So now our customers don’t see the image background below the play button, so they have no idea what the video is about!

As you see in the attachment, chrome console says that the iframe is blocked because of CORS and return a 403 !!!

We have hundreds of images with placeholder on the player… how do we solve this situation?

We AREN’T use any customisation or angular Js or anything. Just the normal “poster” functionality you normally allow on your player as specified here:

Thanks a lot!

Hi there, I work on the Stream team at Cloudflare. Could you email me the URL to your image file so we can take a closer look at why it might not be loading? My email is firstname at Thank you.

Is there any way we can access the underlying <video> element?
We have some functionality that called some methods directly on the <video> element, such as video.requestFullscreen() which broke after the update. (Or any way to programmatically make the video go fullscreen would work too)

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Hello zaid, thanks for your email, I sent you 2 emails from my protonmail email but never got back from you: did you receive them?

Hello Zaid,

we are using the usual stream implementation like:

On Android devices or Windows devices it works perfect: When videos loads, sometimes i can see very shortly black bars above and beneath the video… like the player is adjusting itself:
After that the bars are gone and the video fille the full width and has a correct height.

But during development some apple-users told me, that on first load this black bars (on desktop widescreen video above and beneath, on mobile landscape videos left and right) stay.
Only after reload the page, this bars are gone and video fits correctly.
I can confirm this issues.

Here are the screenshots of mobile and desktop black bars:

I think this must be a missbehavior of the player on some apple-devices? I tried to fix this but its not possible via CSS, because this bars are part of the video/player.
Can you fix this or can you tell me how i can fix this?

Thank you,

Hi, I work on the Stream team at Cloudflare. Can you send me a private message with a link to the page containing the video? Thanks!

I just started working with the player. Is there a way to disable the Playback Rate on the player?