Maintenance Mode

I am a bit baffled as well this isn’t a feature. Basically just a easy switch like you have for ‘development mode’ and ‘I am under attack’. If you could just turn on maintenance mode which would redirect all traffic to a static html page, or even just a specific URL. All I need to do is do a server upgrade and restart the server, so would be nice to easily and quickly be able to turn on/off maintenance mode. I have looked at some of the tutorials for workers and routes, however it doesn’t look so easy! Guess I’ll have to set aside time to figure it out…

This is a bit unsettling that developers are even discussing the need for such basic feature. Cloudflare just introduced a feature to buy domains. I just created a new business account and bought a domain and been scrambling around how to put a static page on it! There is no such option. You got to be kidding me. Went through apps to find any such services and seriously there are none.

Majority of users do not have information or knowledge on how to customise CF resources. It is often common-sense practice to put the basic necessities of the websites i.e. maintenance mode on top of the bunch of complex features being offered.

Believe it or not, as much as complex logic features are favoured in tech development, it is the basic features that maintain the top position. Maintenance mode, one click activation, is the highest for any website there ever will be - for generations to come.