Maintenance Mode Page in Cloudflare

Hello everyone, maybe someone has faced this challenge.
I need to configure the maintenance mode page that visitors to my application will see in the browser if I have maintenance mode enabled.
In Cloudflare, I found that I can use Cloudflare Workers to create this page. I created my own Worker and configured the html page inside this Worker.
My main goal is that only a specific group of users can see this page.
To grant permissions to visit my application, I use the policies that are configured in Cloudflare Zero Trust, under Applications. I have two main policies - Employees and Customers. In these policies, I have added the IP addresses of the users I have granted access to my app.
I tried to add my Cloudflare Worker to the domain that is added to Cloudflare and where my application is hosted. And yes, if I enable this Cloudflare Worker maintenance, I can see the maintenance mode page when I go to my application via the link. However, as I described above, my main goal is that only a certain group of users can see this page, so I need to make sure that only users who are in the customers policy can see this page, so users who are configured in the employees policy should have access to my application.

Perhaps some of you have faced this kind of task, I will be glad to any help