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Hello dear Cloudflare Users,

I have one page with the domain (example). To host my website I use expressJs and the port 80. Now I want to run a second page which should be running under It should be a second expressJs application, how can I make this. On which port should I run it and how can Cloudflare know which express application is the production app. and which one is the beta application?

I hope you can help me,

It sounds like you have a domain running on HTTP that’s working.

Now you want a subdomain. You can also run that on Port 80 since it’s on a subdomain. Hopefully your server is configured to listen for specific hostnames so it knows to server the Main, or the Beta page.

If it doesn’t, then you can run it on port 8080 and just make sure you initiate connection to Port 8080.

No it isn’t configured like this. How should I google this to get this feature on my server?

I am sorry but I don’t understand the rest of your answer. You want me to run both applications on port 8080 or which application?

Before you put Cloudflare in front of your site, you need a properly configured server. If you need help with that, Stack Overflow is a good place to look.

What do you mean with configured server?

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