Main Domain Parked, Subdomain as main site?


Hi, i am trying to setup a client with cloudflare, but i am unsure how to only have the subdomain and not the main domain?

atm he is with godaddy, his main domain is parked where his subdomain points to his server.

now if i migrate the client to cloudflare. is there a way to park the main domain? as in point the main domain to a blank ip? or something? and then the subdomain will point to the server.


Cloudflare works pretty much like non-Cloudflare in this regard.

Switch over to Cloudflare with all appropriate DNS entries. It’s just going to forward requests to where you’re hosting your parked main domain and active subdomain.

What’s the future plan for the main domain? If the main domain will be a standard site that doesn’t depend on non-standard DNS, you’ll be fine.