Main Domain is not working

Hi There,

I transferred DNS to Cloudflare account, (I have exported all DNS entries from Godaddy, and verified manually if all migrated).

Please check, My main domain is not working,

however all my below Subdomain working.

It’s redirecting to itself:

Since your site is using HTTPS, your server needs an SSL certificate on it, your SSL Mode here needs to be Full (Strict), and your site needs to be completely configured for HTTPS URLs. Something along the way thinks your site is HTTP and is redirecting to HTTPS.

Thank you so much, really appreciate your fast response, it started working fine, however my rewrite rule was working fine in Godaddy account, when i moved DNS to Cloudflare, my rewrite rule is not working at all, that means only home page is coming now, however other URL’s are not working.

Can you please check

Also, images are not loading at all.

That’s a lot of 404 errors. Go to Cloudflare DNS and set that domain to :grey: and fix your URLs. Once your site is working again, set DNS back to :orange: so Cloudflare can proxy your site.

Please check :

It’s all working fine, if I have only DNS (not proxy in Cloudflare)

However, when using DNS and Proxy both, its not working.

Ok, issue seems to be resolved now.

Thanks for your support.

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