Main domain cannot have email/website?

Hi all

I’ve commissioned a web designer to put together 4-5 small websites for me. He suggested hosting them all on Cloudflare and explained that (for technical reasons he didn’t get into as I’m an utter luddite) he would set one up as the main domain and the other 4 as addon domains, and that there are good reasons for configuring this way.

He told me that the main domain cannot have functioning email addresses ie [email protected], not even just as a forward to another email address.

The problem is that I told him he could use a main domain that already has an email address that does exactly this, and he’s telling me this will shortly stop working completely and there is no workaround, and that he is too far into his work using this domain to replace it with another one, without risking losing everything or just taking a long time to handle. To the layman like me, this doesn’t make any sense, and he hasn’t really explained it to me in ways that do.

I’m wondering if somebody here knows how to work around this no-email issue when hosting main domains and addon domains on Cloudflare. That would save me having to tell people to stop using that email address!



Not much detail to work with, but the short version is that this doesn’t make much sense; it’s not likely there is any good reason that can’t have functional email (or anything else).

[Obviously, as I said, there is not much detail to work with… maybe your guy could come and explain it to us?]

The Mx records for the domain should point to something other than the same name as the hosts which are :orange:.

There is no reason why that wouldn’t be possible. Email is a separate service from a website and requires MX records which can be the root domain without issues. Unless he is using some kind of email service in the website but that shouldn’t be hard to change.

Not sure how it would work with 4 addon domains and a main domain but interlinking websites shouldn’t be that hard. If you have addon domain he might use the or something so that he means that’s not possible. But I still wouldn’t see a reason as to why it wouldn’t be possible.

So as @robertcope said maybe you two should get together and explain it a bit more technical as we can’t really say what would be the exact issue. But to my knowledge there is no way it wouldn’t be possible to have that email if there is something with the website.

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