Main domain and parked domain with cloudflare

Last night I set up Cloudflare on my website. It propagated and things seemed to be working. I have a main domain and a parked domain, both were working fine. This morning I wake up and the parked domain no longer loads. The main domain is still working fine however. Not sure what could be the issue. Do you have to do anything special for parked domains?

Are the main domain and the parked one, both added to Cloudflare?

The parked domain should just redirect the users/visitors to your main domain or how?

Do you have some redirection enabled at your host/origin (like the cPanel has got → Parked domains, etc.)?

Yeah it redirects to the main page but it keeps the url.The domain is set up as parked in the hosts cpanel. I’m not even completely sure this is a cloudflare issue as I set up the domain’s nameservers back to pointing to the site from cloudflares, and after propagation it still wont load. Unless cloudflare on the main domain is preventing it from loading the page, I’m not sure. New to this. Is setting up cloudflare on a park domain as simple as it is setting it up on a regular domain?

I am going to remove cloudflare from the parked domain and readd it. Will report back with results.

I removed cloudflare from the parked domain and it still will not load. Is it because the main domain is now set up with cloudflare? How do I get this working on both?

Edit: Ok I re added cloudflare to the parked domain. Upon doing so I realized the DNS info was empty. Can’t find any info on how the dns info should be set up so I copied it from the main site and edited the domain so it points to the server ip. Waiting for it to propagate, hope it works.

Edit2: I think that did the trick.

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