Mailserver Discovery / SRV records

Hi, I tried creating some SRV entries for smpts and imaps
Type SRV
Service _imaps
Protocol TCP
TTL Auto
Priority 0
Weight 0
Port 993

Now when I used this on the old DNS server it worked all fine, email clients could autoconfigure with the server but now they get some abstract name

Can I disable this proxy behavior?
I have already disabled all proxy dns settings for anything mail related and for SRV records I dont even have the ability to activate/deactivate this.


Your record looks to be served correctly from here: 300 IN SRV 0 0 993

Note that these records do not involve HTTPS therefore there is no :orange: proxying option.

MX records get re-written on the fly if the target is set to :orange: to ensure mail still works, the same happens here, if so it would happen when is proxied. While you can’t turn this off, you wouldn’t want to anyway as the resulting record would still be non-functional.

the target is not under my control but email clients get e.g. some dc-<hex-characters>
when i use cloudflare

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