Mails not working

i have moved over to cloudflare and not my emails are not working.
can anyone help ?

Create a new A record with name and value with proxying disabled (so grey cloud, not orange).

Then change your MX record from to

Effecitvely the problem is just because mail can’t go to a host Cloudflare is proxying (, but the above circumvents it by creating a new direct connection (

Hi Saul,
(1) I have exactly same trouble as OP (today!) but when editing the A record for to non-proxy I get the warning the I am exposing origin IP.
I have same error message when setting MX record to
(2) My email problem is that MS Outlook cannot retrieve emails.
(3) I also use Mailgun for delivery, and the Cloudflare DNS scan missed 3 records that are associated with Mailgun. I assume I need to add these manually, right?
Thanks for your time and help.

The ‘exposing origin’ thing is just a warning, and in the case of wanting to receive email it’s the only config that is going to work so can be ignored. It’s more to stop people setting stuff up and accidentally not enabling proxying then wondering why on earth Cloudflare isn’t doing anything at all for them…

(In your screenshot you haven’t yet changed the MX record to the new, make sure you do do that)

You can (and indeed should) safely add the Mailgun records (looks like you already did it but you need to double check - the mailgun TXT record is incorrect, check what your Mailgun domain setup tells you to insert there - normally v=spf1 -all). Cloudflare doesn’t do anything too flash when DNS records are auto-populated for you on setup - it just scrapes the most common record names and adds them if it finds them in your old DNS. If you’re using niche tools such as Mailgun it is natural and to be expected that those records may not be auto-added. Simply add anything you see that’s missing, and although I’ve not seen errors it’s always worth a once over the ones that have been automatically pulled in too, just check they look OK.

For info, your DMARC and domainkey records also look wonky (not part of the migration - just looks like they’re not right). The _dmarc TXT record should start v=DMARC1 to be valid (drop the preceding chars) and the _domainkey record isn’t needed at all and should be deleted entirely.

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Hi Saul,

FYI since fixing errors as you advised my mail has worked fine. I found that corrupt v=DMARC1 record on original hosting setup so been bad for some time!

Since getting mail going I am now getting daily DMARC summary reports so working out how to interpret those before I disable through editing record. First time ever to see these messages. Got a lot to learn about email systems.

Many thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

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You’re most welcome.

Regarding DMARC reports, the raw data you see isn’t really meant for human consumption so unless you’re a masochist I’d recommend you consider sending the data to a service such as Dmarcian or Postmark and have them do the analysis. The former will process your data for your viewing within their dashboard, the latter will crunch it and send you an easy-to-read weekly digest.

Either should be preferable to removing the reporting now you have it working.

thank you
emails worked as soon as i did it!!
Thanks Heaps

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