Mails not working after propergations

I have my domain pointed to Cloudflare DNS. It is propagated. But my mails does not work. (mails using deferent sever.) This is my records. (Picture 1)

Now I tried this and still don’t work. (Picture 2)

You have MX records and a “mail” subdomain that I guess will take you to the webmail interface. That’s a good start. The records related to email should be “DNS only” and they are, so that is fine as well. The “Content” of your MX records in the first screenshot seem a bit strange, though. I’m afraid you can’t point to name servers in this way.

I see that these Hostgator name servers are actually still answering queries for your domain. The correct approach would be to take a look at your old DNS configuration and copy the information from there. The Hostgator name servers currently have an MX record pointing to the “mail” subdomain, like in your second screenshot. The target (“Content”) is however an 108.x.x.x IP address. If your email worked fine previously when you were on the Hostgator name servers, see if you can use that IP address in your record. Otherwise I would recommend contacting your email provider for assistance.

okay thanks. I’ll try that

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